Found Sites digital marketing agency offers internet marketing services and web design for companies that want to get found by more customers that are searching for their products or services online.

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Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Connect with more new leads with social media marketing & management

Result Driven Social Media Marketing Agency

Expand your audience with social media marketing

Social media marketing can expand your audience and revenue by targeting the right audience through text, image or video ads. Create brand awareness and grow your company with social media.

Engage your audience with social media management

Engage with your audience with social media management and build their trust with informative and useful social media posting. We'll post for you and respond to reviews and messages for your company.

How much does social media marketing cost?

The investment for social media marketing varies from client to client and what goals they are trying to achieve on social media. Get started with your free social media proposal form our agency today.

Social Media Marketing Services

Found Sites provides social media marketing services for companies looking to expand their marketing reach on social media networks.


Social media advertising can help your small business increase more revenue by helping you gain more exposure and expanding you audience reach.

Get your own social media manager that will keep your audience engaged and post to your social media sites multiple times a week. Our management services also includes access to social media advertising options that will will set up and manage your promotions.  

Social Media Marketing & Management Benefits

  • Better ROI compared to traditional marketing

  • Build social following and grow your revenue

  • Get your own social media manager

  • Text, picture, slideshow & video social media ads 

  • Engaging postings across multiple social platforms

  • Social media manager to reply & respond to customers

  • Track your results to maximize return on investment

  • Expand your reach outside traditional marketing 

  • Get everything you need for social marketing success

What Your Company Will Get With Our Social Media Marketing Services 


Build & Set Up Social Media

  • Build & review current social media networks making sure all information and important features are active

  • Branding and connecting your business to the major social media channels to help your company grow

  • We will build out your photo albums so you future customers can easily see your products or services


Social Media Management

  • Social media manager to respond to reviews, messages, comments and other active management services

  • Informative social media postings to help keep your audience egange and build your websites SEO

  • Will include management of multiple campaigns and changes to ad copies based on clients needs


Social Media Integration

  • Get all your social media networks integrated with one another for optimal branding & performance

  • Social medial integration into website to help with SEO and building up your social audience

  • Reach more people by integrating your latest post/feeds/stories to show on your website


Social Media Marketing

  • Social media manager to handle all your social media marketing ads

  • Social media marketing manager to build and set up multiple styles of social media ads for your company

  • Get weekly or monthly analytics and reports to help track and improve your return on investment

+250,000 Leads Generated With The Help Of Our Successful Social Media Marketing Services

Get Your Small Business Found With Social Media

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Social Media Marketing Company In California

Found Sites is a social media marketing company in California that is focuses on getting your business the results you deserve. We'll keep your company up to date on the latest social media advertising trends and channels that will help you reach your goals. Contact our social media experts today.

Steps To Get Started With Social Media Marketing


Get your social media proposal based on your company goals


Get your social media channels set up with integration


Relax while we bring you more revenue through social media